RICC (Regional Interagency Coordinating Council)

The Regional Interagency Coordinating Council (RICC) is a voluntary council that is designed to assist the SPOE in an advisory capacity and help the SPOE by servicing as a local contact with parents, cooperating agencies, and other entities from the region interested in the early intervention system.

The RICC roles include:

  • First Steps Public Awareness Program – Developing and implementing a public awareness plan to meet the needs identified by the RICC for the SPOE region.
  • Child Find – Developing, maintaining, and operating, as well as evaluating the child find system that is visible and known throughout the region to ensure that the Child Find activities and responsibilities are performed/met.
  • Provider Recruitment – Developing and implementing a system to recruit qualified early intervention providers to meet the First Steps needs of the children and families in the SPOE region.

RICC membership includes the following:

  • School District – PAT, ECSE, Administaration
  • Hospital/Medical Community
  • State Agency – DMH, DHSS, DSS
  • Family Representatives
  • Provider Representatives
  • Members at Large
  • AdHoc Members

Region 7 is split into two RICC. The North RICC includes the counties of Barton, Cedar, Dade, St. Clair, Vernon and Jasper.

The South RICC includes the counties of Barry, Lawrence, Newton and McDonald. The RICC meetings are held quarterly.

The meeting dates and locations will be posted or you may contact the SPOE office for additional information.

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